Flours & Mixtures
from vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes and/or tubercles.
Products for all areas of the Food Industry:

Ø   Raw material for the baking industry.

Ø Mixtures for restaurants and hotel industry.

Ø Mixtures for institutions: shelters, hospitals, nutrition centers, schools.

Ø Products for supermarkets and food distributors.

Ø Raw material for the meat industry, condiments and seasonings.

Ø Customize packing.

Ø Development of products for our customers.

Ø Products with unique formulas.


Vegetarian Mixes

ü      Variety of vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes and tubercles flours

ü      All-Purpose Flour

ü      Cakes Mixes  

ü      Muffins Mixes  

ü      Specialties and Seasonal

ü      Cookies Mixes            

ü      Breads Mixes

ü      Pancakes Mixes

ü      Instant Porridges

ü      Fried Coverings and Fillings


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