Two lines of products are available under two brands Maxevita and Tropics Nature.  With the uniquenes of each line of these products, different textures in the finished products are obtained.


Maxevita: Line of flours from vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes or tubers. Use in the prepararation of soups, polentas, meats, breads, cookies, pastas, etc.

  • White Rice Flour
  • Yellow Corn Polenta
  • Sweet Potato Flour
  • Green Plantain Flour
  • Green Banana Flour
  • Cassava Flour
  • Palm Peach Flour
  • Garbanzo Flour
  • Yellow Corn Flour

.... and more


  Our raw materials are those of the 3 major groups of the 5 groups in the Food Guide Pyramid.


Tropics Nature: Mixtures produced with vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes and / or tubers as main ingredients. Ideal for gourmet bakings.




 Discover the pleasure of enjoying a nice dessert with a delicious combination of natural ingredients.

The cakes Mixes are a big-time help in our busy lifestyles.  Anyone can make a great cake with our mixes.
You would not guess that they are completely free of gluten. 
A fantastic range of prepared cookie mixes. With specially selected ingredients combined to provide the finest gluten-free baked cookies. 

A fantastic range of prepared cookie mixes.  With specially selected ingredients combined to provide the finest gluten-free baked cookies.


A delicious breakfast, a sandwich or a snack,
 from mixtures of grains and tubercles.
Mixes for Breads and Buns
Gluten Free exclusives ...
Discover the pleasure of enjoying a rich breakfast, a sandwich or snack from a delicious combination of natural ingredients.
Enjoy and share your ginger or fruitcake preparations
with friends and family on holidays.
Enhance the flavor of your baked and fried foods.
Enjoy delicious meals with a special combination of natural ingredients.
Use for all kinds of breaded vegetables, meats, seafood, etc...

Exclusive products for bakery!!  These preparations produce delicious gluten free muffins.

Surprise others with different flavors... the Tropics Style way!
Add flavors to our bases to customize your elaborations.
They are vegetarian!!
Our home-style Pancakes and Waffles mix contains
many nutritional values and benefits not found in other similar products.
The healthy way to start the day!!
Powdered beverages with high nutritional value.
They are nutritional formulas containing high levels of vegetable protein.